Drawing on over 50 years of HR and IT experience, we at illion, Inc. have developed AwareHR®, a web-based HR system for Human Resources professionals and academics.

Designed to Enlighten

Tired of trying to piece together disparate data elements about your company's human capital?

Our program shows you what's possible when data is integrated and easy to access.

Drawing on Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes (KSA) tracking and reporting systems, AwareHR® integrates many related facets of human capital. AwareHR® is revolutionary in its integration of important elements of the total employee - from their zip code to their competencies, to their ability to work well with others in their deparment or on a project team.

You'll be able to anlayze each employee's

  • job history
  • their prior and current education status,
  • their salary,
  • their demographics
  • and much , much more.

Used by Professionals

Check out our experimental training system.

Train your employees to make better use of all the psychometric data available to them about an individual a department, or the entire company.

Make better decisions when we show you all that's possible with integrated human capital data.

Used by Academics

Use a validated database to enhance the student experience.                                                                              

Tailor your students' exercises to precisely fit the principles you wish to demonstrate.